Sunday, January 10, 2010

FreeRxPlus Prescription Card 50 75% off

With our country In a recession this is one of the most dynamic programs in existence to date this program has the potential to help millions of the uninsured in our country . Our seniors must now decide between their next meal and their medication this is not the America that I once knew, I need every single one of you and with your assistance help is on the way please help our seniors the unemployed our college students who are struggling by posting flyers in high traffic areas in your community supermarkets, colleges , churches just go to this site and print as many as you wish this is free to all no fees what so ever it is time to stand up as Americans this card also offers discounts on lab tests and imaging this is the site for the flyer and you can also print your free Prescription drug card Pay it Foward ! Please share with 3 other people

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