Sunday, January 10, 2010

Prescriptions @ a Discount 50-75% off Never Expires !

With our country in a recession here is one of the most dynamic programs available to the general public unfortunately most of the population in the United States are not aware of this and I urge you to please help get this information into the mainstream , they will send up to 20,000 Free cards to Any group Or Organization Free if contacted 3 Weeks Prior to your Event  our Seniors must now decide between their next meal and their Medications this is not the America that I once knew ! well with your assistance help is on the way I have tried to do my part but I need your help please help others by posting flyer's in high traffic areas in your community local Supermarkets , Colleges, Churches any were that we can get this out to your community. This card also offers discounts on Lab work and imaging just go to

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